Monday, August 22, 2011

Season 4!!!!!!!!! Starts September 17th! :)

Summer is almost over and Momma's Organic Market is anxious to start off season 4 in September with a bang!!
We have more produce than ever before scheduled to be there, along with more vendors and all of the wonderful things you have enjoyed from the market over the last 3 years :)
Fresh bread and baked goods, raw foods, honey, jerky, salsa, jam and fruit butters, great home made and hand made items, wonderful services and a great collection of small businesses that we love to support.
We will be starting back up SEPTEMBER 17TH from 9a-2p and will continue at the Park West Mall every 3rd Saturday of the month until April. Keep watching our Facebook page and market website for news on other markets that we plan to open this season. :):)
Speaking of Facebook...if you haven't "liked" the Momma's Organic Market page, please do that now and follow us for our Facebook only specials. We will be giving gifts out at every 100 likes marker. So tell your friends too!!!
We will also have a drawing for prizes at the market when you bring a friend. ALSO, if you repost our events on FB or show us how you have spread the word...we will enter your name in the raffle 10 times. We will have wonderful things to raffle off at the market for you wonderful customers.
Please stop by the info booth to sign up for email blasts (and yes...there's a lil' prize for that too!)
We have so much going on and so much to share this season at the market. THANK YOU!!! for being part of the Momma's Organic Market family and supporting our market! By coming to our market, you help so many small businesses out there and you keep the wholesome fun going!!
You are a blessing to us!!!! See you soon! 26 days and counting!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, July 24, 2011


FRESH ORGANIC MONTANA CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!: "I am getting in a shipment of fresh organic cherries from Montana again this year. We got them for the 1st time last year and they were the BEST cherries I have ever had.
They are only $2.50/lb in a 20lb box!!!! If you want less than 20 lbs they are $2.75 and you can get whatever amount you'd like. ALSO...I will personally pit them for you for an extra .25 a lb on any amount and put them in 1 lb bags for you ready to freeze.
They ......are coming in the 1st week of August (not an exact date yet). You can mail me a check for what you would like and I will let you know when you can come and get them. (I may be willing to deliever for a gas $ fee) :)
Give me your order ASAP!!! They are out at the farm picking them this next week and I need to know how many to order. I will only order what is accounted for. He also said that he may have to cut off the orders since the weather killed 30% of their crop this year. So first come, first serve.
Call or text (602.703.7154), FB or email me ASAP :) Feel free to pass my # along to friends who may want them also. ( or info@mommasorganicmarket.c​om) If you are going to be out of town (or don't care for cherries...feel free to forward) :)
(You don't wanna miss out!!!)"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Summer Time :)

The kids have been out of school for a few weeks...but the weather seemed too nice to call it summer yet :) is, now, officially starting to get HOT and we can say it's summer!
I am sure you all know that our market takes a break from our outdoor event in the summer months, but that doesn't mean that you can't still get your hands on great produce!! Arizona has some wonderful summer produce (such as melons and squash to name a couple). Don't miss out on fresh, local produce!
***Sign up for a CSA or co-op box pick up from one of our WONDERFUL farmers!!***
Go to our website at and look at the "wonderful vendors" page. Get in touch with a farmer by looking on their website or giving them a call and see where their pick ups are. I know that Pinnacle Farms has a co-op box pick up in Peoria. For only $25 a week, you can pick from 2 different boxes online. It is at the Dodge dealership in Arrowhead on Saturday mornings.

ALSO...some news for you about next season! :) I was hoping that we would get to do our market every weekend when our new season started, but that won't end up happening this year (fingers crossed for next though!) :)....SO we will still be going strong at Park West on the 3rd Saturday of each month starting in September. Mark your calendars for September 17th!!!! Hope to see you all there! Bring a friend or two or three :) There will be perks for bringing a friend too! We will have special things for people who support us and get the word out. Make sure to stop by the information booth at the markets to see what we have for you! :)

Make sure to follow us on facebook for updates and special things that you will only hear about there. If you haven't liked us on facebook yet, please go to and check it out!

(shhh...little secret...we are looking to start up one or two new markets on the west side so follow us on our blog and on facebook to keep updated on that too!) :)

Thank you for supporting us and for supporting the wonderful vendors that make our market great. We appreciate your desire to support local businesses and eat fresh AZ produce.

See you soon! And have a WONDERFUL summer!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Market this Saturday!!!

We are hoping for great weather this weekend and are planning on being there 100% :) The vendors and I decided we don't want rain until 4pm, so hopefully God hears our prayers for a beautiful day :)
I wanted to post and let you know of the Co-op that Pinnacle Farms is having also! It is great deal and you can still contact them to reserve a box for pick up at Satuday's market! You can pick from 2 lists of produce and it's a lot of great stuff for only $25.
The first list is a certified organic box with: 6 roma tomatoes, 1 bunch of red beets, 1 fennel, 1 kale, 2 leeks, garlic, butter lettuce, 4 sweet potatoes, 1 red bell pepper, 1 green bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, 1 blueberry, 1 strawberry, 4 red pears, 5 rome apples, 6 kiwi and 1 avacado!
The second is a local, natural or conventional box with 1 asparagus, 1 lb green beans, 1 bag sugar snaps, 4 broccoli crowns, 1 poblano, 4 sweet corn, 1 cucumber, 1 strawberry, 1 mango, 1 bag of grapes, 1 bunch of carrots, 1 bag tri color lettuce heads, 1 bag red potatoes, 1 bag swiss chard, 1 cilantro, 1 cabbage and 5 roma apples.
Go to our website at to get the contact info for Pinnacle Farms off our "wonderful vendors" page. They are also having a great deal on Strawberries (2 for $5). A great weekend for wonderful produce! Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Market Cancelled tonight due to weather!

Hey there!
The weekly Surprise market for tonight is cancelled due to the cold weather. None of us AZ people like to shop in the cold :)
Hope to see you all next week!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for your support!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

100% Natural Chicken to order for next weekend!

Hey...just got info on a great company that sells all natural boneless/skinnless chicken breast and the last day to order is this Saturday. Here is the link to go online and buy a case at 1.49/lb. You get a 40 lb box for $59.60!!!!!! That's a great deal! It is in 4-10lb bags in your 40 lb case. Great for freezing! They come out every 6 months to Peoria and Gilbert from Spokane, WA. Get your order in from this link by Sat the 15th and the deliveries are next weekend at a chruch of 86th ave and Peoria.
They have a GREAT refferal program too. They only use word of mouth advertising and if you send someone to them that buys a get a dollar to your account to go toward your own meat! So here is my link (don't forget to say Momma's Organic Market referred you) :)
Hope you enjoy the great deal!


Monday, January 10, 2011


2011 is going to be a great year! Momma's Organic Market is going to grow and bring more fresh foods and great businesses out to a couple more places. Our first launch of 2011 is our new WEEKLY farmer's market in SURPRISE!!! We are SO excited to be able to get a market to Surprise and all the response has been wonderful. We started off last Thursday and we got so many "thank you's" for bringing a market to Surprise. It feels good to be able to give people an outlet for healthy foods and support for small businesses.
The Thursday night market is at the Parkway Church in Surprise off of Bullard and Cholla. The address is 14787 w Cholla St. Surprise, 85379. :)
Our next Saturday market is this weekend on the 15th. We are excited to continue that market and watch it grow every month!
Our thought for another market is in the works. I posted on our facebook page for people to give suggestions on where they would like another market. the responses are still coming in and there are a lot of wonderful ideas for new locations. It's ganna be hard to pick just one! :) The need for fresh, local produce is incredible. And these farmers work SO hard to make it happen. I sincerely "thank you" to all the people who support the work that the farmers do! Buying local is such a wonderful thing!
Not only is buying local produce a great thing...buying from small compaines that strive to bring you great products is important too! Keeping our small businesses around is great for our cities and for our economy...not to mention...good for US!!!
I hope that 2011 will bring you great things and that it is a wonderful year to grow. I am so thankful and blessed for being able to bring you Momma's Organic Market along with all the other wonderful businesses that I get the honor to showcase!
Thank you for being part of it all with us!!!
HAPPY 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!