Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day CSA box!!!!!

Hey there CSA'ers!

I hope you are having a wonderful start to your official "summer" now that schools are out :) Some of you may be anxiously awaiting your box for a yummy CSA addition to a BBQ :)...I know I am!Here is what you can expect for tomorrow (please keep in mind that there may be slight changes if the farmer's harvesting goes a little differently Monday morning)

1)Acorn Squash
2)Green Beans
3)Red potatoes
5)Mix Summer Squash
7)Green Bell Peppers
8) Roasted Green Chilis :)
9) Surprise item (hint...she thinks it will be watermelons, But if they aren't ready or there's not will be 2 more surprise items...suspense!!!)

**We would LOVE to start a "Recipe Exchange" at the pick up. Print up a few of your fav recipes with the items in the box for the week and leave a few copies for give and take. (Thank our lovely coffee shop gal "Lora" for this wonderful idea!)

ALSO...we will have fresh eggs again for pick up ($3.50/doz). You can reserve eggs by letting me know and we will set aside for you. Otherwise, it is first come first serve.

I will work on getting more things for next week. MAybe some fruit butter? Pesto? More honey? Salsa?....let me know what things you would like to see! One thing I can work on is fish. Are any of you interested in ordering Alaskian Fish for next week???? Look on the website for current prices and let me know what you may want (
DON'T FORGET YOUR DISCOUNT AT COFFEE TEA AND ME!!!!! All CSA'ers get 10% off their order so grab a smoothie or the kids, an ice cold peach ice tea or iced coffee for yourself (and maybe just a couple fresh home made cookies....) :) The coffee shop also has some lunch sandwiches if you are there at lunch time!

Thank you all for supporting Jesus and Tanya's local produce. They are so happy to be sharing it with you and let others know that next week is the last week to sign up for this cycle and we would love for more people to join in on the fun with us. They can join for the last 4 weeks for $100! Spread the word and let's get them some more business :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

CSA 5.21.12

Here are your items for the CSA box tomorrow.
ALSO...we will have raw milk for $5 a gallon !!!!!! (see the info at the bottom of this email and pics of the momma cows are right here --------->!)

1-Butternut Squash (great to puree raw with a little water and freeze in ice cubes. Take out a cube to mix in scrambled eggs or mac and cheese for the kids!)
2-Bell Peppers (stuffed peppers anyone??!!) :)
3-Romaine lettuce (Of course for salad, but I used some for raw lemon ginger lettuce wraps this week...yum!!!)
4-Summer squash
5-Sweet potatoes!!! (I chop these up and sauteed them on the stove in some butter lately. SO yummy w/ those scrambled squash eggs I mentioned earlier!)
6-Green Onions
9-More ROASTED CHILIS!!!!!!!! (chop these up and put them in an egg casserole with sausage, egg and cheese)
10-mix of garlic AND a few jalapenos!

*Egg casserole recipe:

6 eggs
a little flour
(mix these up)

Put chopped roasted green chilis in the bottom of a pan. spread cooked sausage over chilis. then sprinkle lots of cheese on that. Pour egg mixture over top and bake at 350 for 30-40 min or until golden on top.

Here is the raw cows milk info! I asked her to send me pics and info to answer some of your questions...
Cows are milked 2xs a day. Udders are washed prior to and udder cream put on before and after milking. Automatic machine is used. It is cleaned and sterilized before and after each milking. Milk is placed in freezer for 8-10 hours for cool down then placed in fridge for mo more than 24 hours. If not sold in 24 hours, it is used to feed calves and pigs.
Cows are fed premium alfalfa hay, "free choice" burmuda grass and recieve 40 lbs of corn per day for the 2. They have calves that share the milk and nurse whenever they want.
They recieve a natural salt and mineral supplement ("free choice") along with bread and produce for treats.

The milk is only allowed to be sold in AZ as "not for human consumption". I just recieved the milk today, so please let me know asap if you want some. I want to make sure it all gets sold since it is so fresh. I have 10 gallons.

I am supposed to be picking up honey tonight, but have not heard from the person as to where or when, so if I do have honey, I will have it out at the coffee shop tomorrow on a shelf. Also...we will have eggs there tomorrow for $3.50 a doz. If you have extra egg cartons left over from the last 2 weeks OR just extras around the house...please bring them for recyle :)

See you tomorrow!!

Also, don't forget the coffee shop. Make sure to grab a peach tea, a smoothie or an ice cold blended coffee :)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

CSA May 14th 2012

Here is the list of what will be in your box Monday 5.14.12! (Pick up is at the Coffee, Tea and Me shop next to Sees Candies at the Park West Mall-9744 W Northern Ave, Peoria, 85345)
1-Yukon Gold Potatoes
4-Mix Summer Squash
5-Fresh Green Chilis
7-Spring Lettuce Mix
8-Onions (yellow and green)
9-Mustard Greens
10-Cactus!!! (Nopaletos/Nopales!) You can use them with your eggs or fry tem up like you would okra. I am pretty excited to try this! (only in AZ right?)
**and I have some fresh rosemary in my garden that I am bagging up for you too!
If any of you have things that you want to share with your fellow CSA'ers, let me know. :)
WE will have fresh eggs available again as well. $3.50 a dozen. IF you have the cartons leftover, please save and return so they can re use :)
We are getting a few gallons of Raw Cow's Milk tomorrow as well. I am only ordering 4 gallons this week, so if you want some, let me know asap so that if I need to order more, I can tell her tonight in case she needs to go milk in the morning to fill our order. It is only $5 a gallon! Great price for it!!!!!  
I will have some 16oz jars of raw orange blossom AZ honey NEXT week for $8 a jar. I am working on getting local, fresh bread and also pre ordered frozen alaskian fish. Let me know if these are things you are interested in. I could also get pesto, hummus, salsas and jams/jellies/fruit butters if any one is interested. All depends on what YOU want. I will try my best to get it.
THANK YOU again for supporting these local vendors. It is so nice knowing that we are helping them sustain their businesses during the slow summer months! Please spread the word!!!!! I will still let people jump on board with this CSA for the remaining 6 weeks! Tell them to call or email me and get in on the fun!!!

-- Don't forget!!!!...10% off your coffee orders when you pick up your box at Coffee Tea and Me! Try the new peach tea! Refreshing! --

Sunday, May 6, 2012

1st Summer CSA pick up Mon May 7th!

Hello fellow CSA-ers. THANKYOU for joining me to support our wonderful farmer Jesus. He and his wonderful wife Tanya have been working for Crooked Sky Farms for years. He plants, harvests and sells the wonderful pesticide free produce from the farm. He is now starting his OWN farm and since they just recently got the land and officially starting farming...I can announce the name finally! You will be getting a few things from his new farm "FRESH AND LOCAL TJ FARMS" and the rest from Crooked Sky farm (yes...he is working at BOTH farms-crazy guy! I don't know if him or his wife ever sleep!) Here is what you can expect in your box tomorrow! I can't wait to use the roasted chilis in some fresh salsa for Mother's Day :)
-lettuce mix
-collard greens
-mixes summer squash (8 ball, yellow, zuchinni, mexican grey)
-red potatoes
-yellow onions
-green chilis
(special-2 artichokes) :):)

Recipe suggestion:
Get your Greens and cool down with a green smoothie popsicle :)! Use your collard greens (a small handful) and add in a banana (fresh or frozen). Then pick 2 other fruits to toss in there as well such as...strawberries and pineapple (which are on sale this week too (97cent pineapples at sprouts, 88cent strawberries at bashas)!.
Use those potatoes, beets, yellow squash, zuchinni, garlic and onions for a yummy side dish. Dice the CSA veggies and mice the garlic. Toss in olive oil or butterand bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes (or toss on the grill in some foil!) Add some season salt, garlic salt or pepper for your taste and enjoy with some grass fed steaks or natural chicken breasts! :) I can smell the summer bbq's by the pool already :)
Green chili and tomatillo salsa!!! chop your tomatillos, onions, green chilis,  some cilantro and miced garlic. Add some salt and voila...fresh yummy salsa with no pesticides right at your fingertips :)
Artichoke dip-boil those artichokes for about an hour or so in water with a little garlic salt. Pull them apart and dip them in a garlic salt and melted butter dip!!!
Also...feel free to "follow" this blog, as I will be posting every week about the CSA. If you haven't liked our Market page on facebook...please do :) We appreciate your support and the desire to buy local and fresh. Without people like and local businesses wouldn't make it. It is because of community support that we can push this green movement of awesome foods and local businesses! Please let me know if you are looking for any other items this summer such as raw AZ honey, local meats, fresh breads, tamales, sauces, dips or anything else you can think of. I have a wonderful list of vendors with the best products in the world and I can get you in touch with them. I may even be able to get them to drop off your orders at  the CSA pick ups if we can get a few orders going!!! Thank you again for your support and I look forward to helping you all get the products you need and the great produce you can expect each week!