Sunday, July 24, 2011


FRESH ORGANIC MONTANA CHERRIES!!!!!!!!!!!!: "I am getting in a shipment of fresh organic cherries from Montana again this year. We got them for the 1st time last year and they were the BEST cherries I have ever had.
They are only $2.50/lb in a 20lb box!!!! If you want less than 20 lbs they are $2.75 and you can get whatever amount you'd like. ALSO...I will personally pit them for you for an extra .25 a lb on any amount and put them in 1 lb bags for you ready to freeze.
They ......are coming in the 1st week of August (not an exact date yet). You can mail me a check for what you would like and I will let you know when you can come and get them. (I may be willing to deliever for a gas $ fee) :)
Give me your order ASAP!!! They are out at the farm picking them this next week and I need to know how many to order. I will only order what is accounted for. He also said that he may have to cut off the orders since the weather killed 30% of their crop this year. So first come, first serve.
Call or text (602.703.7154), FB or email me ASAP :) Feel free to pass my # along to friends who may want them also. ( or info@mommasorganicmarket.c​om) If you are going to be out of town (or don't care for cherries...feel free to forward) :)
(You don't wanna miss out!!!)"