Thursday, May 9, 2013

CSA week 2 :)

This is our CSA bag from THIS week! It is so fresh and has lots of great, local items! We did get one green tomato this week (anyone for fried green tomatoes??). We also got a beautiful bundle of rainbow chard and big head of romaine lettuce. The sweet potatoes are always my favorite! I like to cube them up and sautee them in a little butter. They taste like candy :) One of our CSAers says that they sautee theirs in coconut oil and put a little coconut butter on them. THAT sounds awesome too! Let us know what you are doing with your local sweet potatoes!
We got a bunch of other great things too, like cabbage, cucumbers, mixed summer squash, red tomatoes, garlic, freshly roasted green chilis and onions.
If you want to join us on this fun summer produce journey in June, July and/or August...let me know!

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